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I f there is any aspect of digital marketing that must interest you, then it is learning how to build websites. Website design is the cash cow of digital marketing because every serious business needs a presence online.

But are there well-qualified designers to create professional-looking and befitting websites? That we are not sure of. Which is why if you learn this high in-demand skill, and become an expert in website design, we can assure you that you will make a very comfortable living working from home. Trust us on this.

In the website design module of our training, we'll take you through how to launch a website design agency profitably even if you have little to no knowledge. We'll share with you how to start with zero kobo and grow into a full-service website design company with clients flocking around you. And contrary to what people think, we'll show you ten different aspects of website development that doesn't require coding or sweat-outs and can fetch you money.

How would we help?

Of course, we will share our proposal document, implementation cost breakdown, how to get web design clients and what to say to them to you.

Even if you don't take our training for any reason, take it for our website design skills, and we promise it'll be worth it. It is a skill needed every time all over the world because of its numerous benefits to businesses. You can only imagine how much you can make from designing websites.

What Will You
Learn From Our Website Design Training Module?

  • You will learn the fundamentals of website design and how to create a basic functioning website as quick as 2weeks.
  • You will learn how to design a website design proposal and get the exact words to write in them from us. (You can choose to change it or not.)
  • If you are interested in blogging, we will share the best tools to get it right from scratch.
  • You will learn how to use your website to do so many things apart from just hosting your content. (A basic website can do up to 12 other things apart from just content management, and you'll learn them.)
  • If you are technical, we will cover website security, user access, cPanel, and database management.

Is that all about the Module? Not so quick! 😎

  • You will learn how to create all kinds of websites easily; business websites, membership websites, eCommerce websites, affiliate websites, etc. and charge the standard industry rate for it.
  • You will also learn how to use your website for leads generation and email marketing.
  • We will teach you the basics of HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.
  • You will learn the importance of domains, sub-domains, add-on domains, redirection, propagation, DNS, etc.
  • You will get solid expertise training in WordPress, Shopify, etc. including proper installation, configuration, maintenance, optimization, etc. (P.S. You can concentrate on just all these alone to make a living.)

Website Design Projects & Modules You'll Learn From

Learn How We Make Money Designing Websites In Quick Time


Who Is This Web Design Training Module For?

  • This particular module is for everyone interested in digital marketing. It is a prerequisite because we want you to make money from it quickly & easily.
  • Businesses that want to have a professional office (presence) online.
  • New and existing website designers.
  • Anyone who wants to promote his/her brand and increase awareness.
  • If you are going to search engine marketing, you need this course.
  • Companies looking to migrate their assets to the internet.
  • Ecommerce store owners or anyone wants to sell products online.
  • Anyone into website design and development proper.
  • User Interface/User Experience Developers.

What opportunities are there as a Website Designer?

  • Be needed by everybody—work right from home.
  • Get employed as an overall webmaster (big cheque.)
  • Own or manage an eCommerce store (buying & selling online.)
  • Design salespages, landers and other special websites.
  • Own a blog and begin Affiliate Marketing.
  • Start a website design agency.
  • You can offer services on freelancing websites.

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