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W ould you be interested in an SEO training that teaches how people like you earn $1,000 or more for easy and basic SEO jobs? I bet you do, and that is why you should register for my digital marketing training course where you will learn how to make money with SEO.

In my SEO course module, I'll show you how inevitably valuable you can be as a (search engine optimization consultant) to companies and businesses that want awareness, exposure and consequentially more sales, all by increasing traffic to their website.

As a digital marketing agency owner, I designed my custom-built SEO dashboard, you'll use to learn (even if you are a postulant) the step-by-step approach I take to make a website rank on Google for targeted keywords. And because I know that SEO is unimaginably broad, I focus on the critical topics in it and guide you on how to use the best SEO tools and automation that you need to rank a website or a blog.

SEO is intricate (which is why it is expensive), but I can guarantee you that as one of the top SEO training institute in Lagos, Nigeria,, after taking my SEO class, you will be able to optimize any website, drive more traffic to it and achieve the various online goals you have set out.

You shouldn't wait anymore! Enrol for my training now and join the myriads of other people like you around the world, making a killing ($1,000 or more) from SEO projects.

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  • I'll teach you how to implement SEO right from the website design training module.
  • You'll understand search engine optimization's basic structure, how to audit a website effectively and set up an SEO agency. (There is an a-b-c structure you must follow to stay organized.)
  • You'll get to learn how I design my proposals, procedures, pricing and principles (You'll get my cheat sheets and agency documents too.)
  • I will also teach you how to source for SEO clients, what to say to them, and how to get results for them so that you can be on a retainer. All in my SEO training module.
  • You'll learn how to submit your website to Google & Bing the correct way. (Most people miss some crucial steps.)
  • You'll learn the three major types of SEO - off-page, on-page and technical SEO and how they are interwoven.
  • You'll take and pass the exact SEO certification exams I took and design an SEO resume to apply for jobs. You can start with mydigital marketing quiz.

Is that all about my SEO Training? Not so quick!😎

  • You'll learn how to make a website's speed fast and read GTMetrix, Pingdom tools, Webpagetest reports. (We'll also touch on Google Analytics.)
  • You'll master the foundational concepts behind how to rank websites, keyword research planning, local SEO, how backlinking works, content optimization, all in my SEO training module.
  • You'll learn SEO for eCommerce, Google My Business, mobile optimization, and competitive research tools like SEMRush, Spyfu, Moz etc.
  • You'll learn how to use SEO to get the best results from your online ads & campaigns.
  • If you are into videos, I'll show you how to optimize your videos for search engines and convert them into money.

SEO Services You Will Make Money With

Learn How To Rank Websites, Keyword Research, Backlinking & Drive Traffic



  • This SEO training course is compulsory for all website designers & developers.
  • Business owners who want to rank their website and get more sales.
  • If you want to rank your webpages on SERPs for the right keywords.
  • If you want to offer SEO services to clients from home.
  • For Digital Marketing Agencies owners.
  • Search Engine Marketing Consultants who render Ads & Campaign Services/li>
  • If you offer or sell an SEO training course online or are an affiliate marketer.
  • Digital Marketers & Freelancers who want to get remote jobs.
  • If you are already into SEO, but want to up your game.
  • Book writers, copywriters, eCommerce store owners.
  • Bloggers & Vloggers.

What opportunities are open to you as an SEO Specialist?

  • You can get a job as an SEO Expert.
  • Your business will get a natural, long term increase in sales.
  • Apply & start providing services on Fiverr, Upwork, etc.
  • You can apply for a Webmaster job.
  • You can help people audit and register their business online.
  • You can get a job as a Website Designer.


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18hrs/week | 3days/week | 12days/month

  • Get your R.O.I in less than three months
  • Completely Free Website & Hosting
  • Comprehensive C.V Review
  • Custom Social Media Dashboard
  • Free One-on-One Consultation
  • You'll Get My Agency's Proposal Document to get started

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