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J oin my Facebook and Google Ads training class to learn from the mistakes and successes I made from spending a lot of $$ promoting my agency and client's businesses. Until I knew that there were special tactics and hidden tricks to running adverts online, I always wondered how the gurus run ads so perfect, yet cost so little.

If you have been running campaigns online, I can guarantee you that what you consider as a success is just a tip of what you can actually achieve.

The Ads merchants (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.) have put in place a lot of supportive tools to make using their systems so easy and resultful. But if you don't know where to go or what to do, you'll only be wasting a lot of resources. And if you have been making $100 as Return On Ad Spend, I'll teach you how to make $300.

So if you are an agency owner, an old-timer, a newbie, or someone looking for competent Facebook and Google Ads training, register for my class to watch over my shoulder what you have been doing wrongly and what you should do rightly.

I'll breakdown every component on the different Ads platforms. Don't waste any more time. Get started today.

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  • As a practising digital marketing expert in Lagos, I know running online ads can be complicated. I've outlined all the possible problems you might encounter and their solutions in this Facebook and Google ads training module. You'll just have to plug and play.
  • I'll teach you how to create graphics of all types that you can use in your Ads (your images, videos and ad copies must be catchy!)
  • I'll show you the four most crucial targeting path to follow when creating an ad. (Most people stop at just three and then miss it. I made this mistake severally too.)
  • You'll learn how to research your target audience using intents and insights thoroughly. (You miss this; you miss it all.)
  • How to run campaigns that will cost you the least amount per conversion and eliminate wastage. (This can be frustrating.)
  • You will take several pay-per-click exams, and get certifications in them. Some of which include Google Adwords, Facebook Blueprint etc.
  • From time to time, you will take my comprehensive and digital marketing quizzes to test your skills
  • You will learn how to set the right objectives, install pixels/analytics scripts correctly, manage events and avoid vanity metrics.
  • There is a psychological trick I'm currently using to write ad copies that hit my target audiences' pain point that I'll teach you how to use.

Is that all about my Pay Per Click Training? Not so quick!😎

  • If you are a specialist, I'll teach you how to get and onboard new clients to run adverts for, and tell you exactly how much to charge. You'll know how to audit their accounts, website, access their page, ad account, assets etc. (You'll even get my checklist to use.)
  • Want to learn how to use Facebook's Business Manager in totality? I'll break its complexity down for you like a toddler.
  • You'll learn by the book how to find the best placements, budget and schedule, captivating images, and also how to analyse and review your results.
  • You will learn how to utilise the different ads formats on Facebook and Google Ads platforms. (FYI, each ad objective has its format you must use, and you will learn how to identify them.)
  • Youill learn how to design landing pages that are simple and complex to direct your campaigns to.
  • I will teach you how to promote your affiliate products without getting banned. (I'll even share the hottest items to sell.)
  • I'll teach you how to do remarketing/retargeting, custom & lookalike audiences to maximum your ad spend all in this Facebook and Google ads training module.

Pay Per Click Services You Will Make Money With

Learn How To Run Campaigns That Will Justify Your Ad Spend.


Who is this Adverts & Campaign Training For?

  • For agencies and freelancers that offer Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads etc.
  • If you are out of a job, looking for a new job or interested in a side job.
  • Stay-at-home mums looking to be financially independent.
  • Social media managers, Business owners, Content Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Lead gen experts, eCommerce store owners.
  • If you are getting frustrated with Facebook and Google Ads.
  • If you want to start making money by also training people how to run adverts.
  • nyone who has been running online adverts but wants to get better at it.
  • Anyone who is very new to running online campaigns and want to get it right at the start.
  • If you're going to take your advertising expertise to another level.

What opportunities are open to you as an Ads Specialist?

  • Promote your business yourself.
  • Become an Ads Auditor & Specialist.
  • Be a Facebook or Google Ads Consultant.
  • Leads Generation Expert.
  • Teach People How To Run Adverts Online.
  • Ecommerce Specialist.
  • Facebook Page Admin.
  • Etc.


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Course Fee

N200,000/ monthly

  • Get your R.O.I in less than three months
  • Completely Free Website & Hosting
  • Comprehensive C.V Review
  • Custom Social Media Dashboard
  • Free One-on-One Consultation
  • You'll Get My Agency's Proposal Document to get started

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