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Create A Working Digital Marketing Plan For A Business


M y digital marketing strategy training module comes at the end of the class because that's exactly where it falls on the table. It is a compendium of what you'd have learned, and a clear direction on where & what to do to get something out of my training.

When I started my online marketing business journey, I encountered a lot of issues that made it seem impossible to get to where I am today. Some of them were:

  • Learning the craft and being able to beat my chest about it.
  • Next was making a living from it when almost no one believed in me.
  • Thirdly was the sustenance and journey to my present state.
  • In all honesty, it is impossible to master all I'll teach you within the 12days/four weeks training. But after taking you through the rudiments, I'll give you my toolbox, and the strategic moves to take to excel.

    And while the digital strategy module of the course comes in the last week of the class, it will last till you make something tangible from the training.

    C'mon, join my class now, and learn how to combine Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO, Web Design, & Online Ads together to create a winning Digital Marketing Strategy for your business and clients.

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    What Will You Learn From My Digital Marketing Strategy Training?


    By learning from me, I won't let you make the same mistakes I made after concluding a digital marketing training. I became even more confused and had no idea what to do next to make money. I had to slug it out all by myself.

    Rather, I'll equip you with the cheatsheet, to-do lists, and step-by-step processes from my many years of offering online marketing services so that you can easily decide on the best solutions for your business and clients needs.

    Additionally, over the next six months after the training, I'll furnish you with the following tips, tricks, and tutorials that will help you "get there on time".

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    Digital Marketing Strategy Training

    A website design plan

    Digital Marketing Strategy Training

    To-Do lists

    Digital Strategy Draft

    Digital Strategy Draft

  • You'll learn how to have the right mindset to succeed. (You have to believe for it to work)
  • What tools to subscribe to/buy online. (There is a lot of redundancy in the market.)
  • Digital marketing proposal design/review & presentation.
  • Pricing your client correctly and calculating your profit margin.
  • Knowing who the right client is, and how to onboard them (There are 7 steps to this.)
  • Being smart and knowing how to avoid being ripped off by bad clients. (had countless experiences.)
  • Knowing what aspect of Digital Marketing to focus on based on your capability.
  • How I follow up with prospects and turn them into clients.
  • Structuring your processes, and getting results for your clients. (I struggled with this.)
  • How to apply for digital marketing job positions & get hired.
  • Networking and joining fruitful online groups.
  • Learn different standard operating procedures.
  • Branding yourself and your company.
  • Outsourcing jobs to people locally and internationally.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies You Will Make Money With

    Practical examples of what you will learn



    • Digital Marketers, Strategists, Social Media Managers, Lead Gen Experts, Email Marketers etc.
    • Traditional Advertising and Media Agencies that want to start providing digital marketing services.
    • If you have wasted money attending other digital marketing training, and still not making money online.
    • If you have a managerial or corporate world experience and want to work for yourself.
    • Government workers managing public relations.
    • Marketing Managers who want to run adverts to promote their brand, generate sales and increase ROI.
    • Business owners and CEOs who want to train their team.
    • NGOs, Companies and Brands who want to integrate digital marketing into their processes.
    • Freelancers and anyone looking for remote jobs.
    • If you are smart and want to use digital tools to get better organized.

    What opportunities are there as a Digital Marketing Strategist?

    As a top digital marketing strategist, there are many opportunities immediately available to you or that you can even create for yourself.

    A lot of business owners globally are still very oblivious of how the internet can boost their business growth, while some are aware of it but don't know how to bring it all together.

    With the knowledge you'll get from my digital marketing strategy training, you will be not only worthwhile to businesses, but also be able to start your brand, get promoted at work, or find a high-paying digital marketing job.


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    18hrs/week | 3days/week | 12days/month

    • Get your R.O.I in less than three months
    • Completely Free Website & Hosting
    • Comprehensive C.V Review
    • Custom Social Media Dashboard
    • Free One-on-One Consultation
    • You'll Get My Agency's Proposal Document to get started

    Join some of the business executives from these companies that I have trained to get the best of digital marketing skills

    Will I Teach You Everything In Digital Marketing At Once? No!

    That's why I always have a personal relationship with my students before they pay for my course.

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