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Learn Everything We Have Done To Make Money Online

Got a business to promote? Need a job, or want to work from home as a service provider or an agency? You are at the right digital marketing skill institute in Lagos, where we have a module especially created to help our students achieve every online marketing goal they have set.

Our lecture notes are nothing but actionable pointers, checklists, cheatsheets and to-do lists (instead of long-boring slides) that will keep you engaged throughout the class.

We break and categorize the training into chunks to quickly assimilate and put what you learnt to practice. That means we weeded out unimportant details (that you can easily find on Google) and provide you with ONLY what has worked for us even as a digital marketing agency owner.

So no matter what your goal is, one thing is for sure at the end of the training, you will be on your way to becoming a MONEY-MAKING professional digital marketer. Mark our word.

Here Are The Courses You Will Learn

Some More Digital Marketing Certification Courses We Will Teach You

The Benefits Of Our Digital Marketing Certification Course

Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing From Us



To Make Money:

  • When you learn digital marketing from us, we share our tricks, our digital marketing portfolio and the skills we focus on to get quality clients.
  • Most times, when companies ask that we recommend our students to fill up a digital marketing job position, the least salary we ask is N160,000 per month.
  • You'll automatically get free 3 hours career/business development session with us.
  • Outside digital marketing, we will show you all our productivity and team management tools and how you can take on as many clients as you can.
  • When we get jobs from clients that we can't take, we outsource them. And yes, you guessed right who we give preference to - Our best students and agencies.

...That's not all

We Provide You With The Best Tools To Get Started

Digital Marketing Course

Free Canva Pro Account

We will pay for a Canva Pro account to learn graphics design for you not for one month, but for one year. A full year.
Digital Marketing Course

Your Own Website

We will pay for a website of your own including your domain and hosting for one year.

Digital Marketing Course

Email Marketing Dashboard

Along with our email marketing scripts, you will learn how to set and automate them using our custom dashboard.
Digital Marketing Course

Your Own Social Media Dashboard

You will learn with our custom social media dashboard how to professionally use social media for businesses.

Digital Marketing Course

Free DIY Work Space

We understand you need to practice more in your own way and so, we paid for a free day for you to use the workstation with over 300Mbps internet speed.
Digital Marketing Course

Your Graphics Design Dashboard

You will also get your own creativity tool set to design breath-taking contents for yourself and clients. We'll even give you our templates to edit and use.


We use a progressive model of teaching that won't leave you confused.

We put a lot into designing our digital marketing courses and don't assume that our students should have a digital background. No! We teach you from the basics, and take you through only the top-selling aspects of digital marketing and help you build a strong root in it.

Before we enrol you to learn digital marketing, we'll help you discover your strength, and advise you on what aspect of digital marketing to focus on, and not bombard you with unnecessary information and leave you lost in the ocean after the training.

  • Our classes are not overly crowded which means that we have the time to attend to each student.
  • We have consulted and taught business owners, and know exactly what they want, and it is what you will learn.
  • Our digital marketing training comes with fewer notes and talk. We will build funnels, sales letters, and close deals. No go-home-and-do-it-yourself frustrating assignments.
  • We split our syllabus into three categories, and group our students into business owners, career/job seekers, and service providers accordingly.
  • You will practically learn how to make money online with our custom-built social media, email, graphics and SEO dashboards.

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What's Your Digital Marketing Objective?


Learn Bespoke Digital Marketing Strategies

In our business growth module class, you will learn how to use digital marketing & data to gather insights and develop different funnels using the BCG matrix. I will teach you the right steps to take your prospects from one conversion stage to another, all practically and with results. Additionally, you will:

  • Know how to design custom strategies for your target audience.
  • Know how to allocate budget to a digital marketing project.
  • Know how to prelaunch, launch and post-launch a product.
  • Know how to align different departments in your company digitally.
  • Know how to hire the best hands for your company.


Grow Your Business Yourself

Prospects and quality leads are a major asset to any organization and inconsistency in income generation can be a problem if there isn't a system in place that creates a stable flow of clients.

Using our proven tactics, you will learn the exact steps that we take to generate high-quality leads, nurture them, and generate revenue using digital marketing. In additions, you will get to know

  • How to promote your business online by yourself.
  • How to run online adverts and reach people looking for you online .
  • How to outsource your jobs out and still be ontop of the game.
  • How to attract traffic to your business and nurture them.
  • How to calculate your R.O.I on every dollar you spend online.


Get A Job Using Our Resume Template

Apart from referring our best students to companies for jobs, we also help to design quizzes and conduct interviews for companies looking to hire digital marketers. This means you will get first hand information on how to apply for the best jobs.

You will learn practically, how to design websites, run online adverts and showcase your employer's business to the world.

  • We will share our source of digital marketing jobs with you.
  • Take our periodic digital marketing job quizzes & mock interviews.
  • Use our resume, and get a review of yours.
  • Know how to use team management & productivity tools for remote jobs.
  • Get job referrals when we are asked for recommendations.


Do You Run Or Want To Own An Agency?

Revenue generation can be a problem for businesses if there isn't a system in place that brings a stable flow of clients for them. And being the expert they are looking to consult to help them promote their business, will open you to a lot of opportunities.

In the setting up a digital agency module of our class, we'll teach you how to develop digital marketing strategies that takes businesses from its current state to a profit-making point. We'll open our books to you, and show you how to deliver results for clients.

  • Know How To Get Clients.
  • Know How To Audit Clients' Digital Assets.
  • Know How To Onboard Clients With Top Tools.
  • Know How To Price Clients Profitably.
  • Know How To Avoid Bad Clients


  • 72hrs of Training.
  • 8+ Certifications after the Training.
  • Access To Over 30 Digital Marketing Tools.
  • Free Canva Pro Account (1 year) - $119.40.
  • A Completely Free Website & Hosting - $50.
  • Free 4 days Work Space - $50.
  • Social Media Dashboard (3 Months) - $60.
  • Email Marketing Dashboard - $60.
  • Comprehensive C.V Review.
  • Free One-on-One Consultation.
  • Agency Documents to Get Started.
  • Get Your R.O.I in less than Three months.
  • Our Exact Email Marketing Scripts.
  • Members-Only Weekly Webinar.
  • Get Priority For Jobs & Client Referrals.
  • Capitalize On Our Business Network.
  • Take Periodic Quizzes.
  • Think Like We Do (steal our soft skills).
  • Course Registration Fee



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    5, Isaac John, Ikeja, GRA,
    Lagos, Nigeria


    We have a training model designed specially for you.

    The best part of our digital marketing training isn't the 12days of physical teaching. It is the after support that you will get after the course. You will be a part of our team forever, and learn digital marketing tips and tricks that we use to generate income first hand. We will even share ongoing projects with you.

    Also, it is only logical to learn practically from someone who rose from nothing to get high paying jobs, own an agency, consult for the Federal Government across Nigeria, and trained over 300 people all by himself.

    And if there is any training you should add to your mental asset, or improve on, it is an online marketing training. Don't wait anymore!

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