Ayodeji Adekore

As a digital marketing trainer for many years, I know how tough marketing, coordination & making money online can be. If you are not sure of what you are doing, you'll be sure of failing. I couldn't sugar-coat that.

In the last couple of years, using my digital skills, I have learned and practically tackled the numerous limitations of traditional marketing (and processes) to businesses. And that is why I set up a digital marketing training - to share my solutions & shortcuts with any and everyone interested in succeeding online.


Are you looking to learn digital marketing? Why not join my next training class and let me teach you what has worked for me and will work for you, especially. You absolutely can't miss it.

My Corporate Experience

Former Senior Digital Marketing Executive

I started my journey as a senior digital marketing executive of one of the top media group of companies in Nigeria, where I worked closely with the best hands both locally and internationally to gain and impact my knowledge in the company. So if you are coming from that angle or a corporate world, I assure you there are a lot of my skills and connections to benefit from my training.

I Run A Digital Marketing Agency

As someone who always want more, I opted out of my 9-5 job, and registered my digital marketing agency in Lagos. It was a big decision to stay out of job and not generate income for months (I took the time out to learn everything I needed to know about DM.) and still believe in what I was doing. But just like I'll help you grow your own agency, I pulled through and i'm still a success.

My Marketing Agency Experience

Former Facilitator for the Federal Min. of Info & Culture

Trained over 150 business executives

Apart from producing results for my clients as a digital marketer, I am also a professional online marketing trainer. Over the last couple of years, I have trained 150+ business executives (APCON), and tens of private businesses on how I have succeeded with digital marketing and how they can too. Want to be in the know? I will be glad to share with you.

I have gotten my hands really dirty!

While developing myself as a professional digital marketer, I took the time to learn so much about how to be productive (and not waste my time) with it. I have dedicated more than 8 years to practise digital marketing both officially and unofficially. I have also spent a lot of time and money on certifications, online classes, tools, lies/truths and what have you to get to where I am today, and I will advise you to come on and tap from my experience.

Over 8years Practical Experience

My Gallery

A cross-section of some of the training sessions I have had across Nigeria.

digital marketing skill institute lagos

In-house Digital Marketing Training in Lagos

Lagos online marketing training session ayodeji adekore workstation maryland mall

Lagos State, South West Digital Marketing Training

Kano digital marketing training ayodeji adekore

Kano State, Northern Region Digital Marketing Training

Ikorin Kwara state digital marketing training ayodeji adekore

Kwara State, North Central Digital Marketing Training


You don't have to watch while others make money from the internet!

This is from me to you: If there is ever a mistake I feel bad about in my life, it will be not knowing what I know now many years ago in the digital world. I realised that there are so many ways that the outside world has made money online that I could have done better at, but because I wasn't even aware of what was going on around me, I lost out in the largesse. For many years, I was doing various things I could make money from for free because of my oblivion. You don't have to do the same. Learn from an experienced digital marketing trainer, and start making money now. Click below to register.